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Food Safety Program

The unit of Food, Lodging & Pools regulates and routinely inspects all food service establishments in the City of Minneapolis including restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, caterers, groceries and confectionary stores, meat markets, farmers markets, short term events involving food dispensing, vending machines, indoor food carts, and ice-cream and mobile vendors.


Food Safety Videos

Food safety videos were produced by the City of Minneapolis Health Department to educate viewers about commercial kitchen food safety. The videos are intended provide education to management and staff of commercial kitchens through the most important steps of conducting a food audit so that restaurants will easily pass their food safety inspections. The videos are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, and Chinese. All videos are subtitled in English.

Topics are: Be Your Own Food Safety Inspector, Times and Temperatures, Safe Facilities and Equipment, Employee Health and Hygiene, and Protection from Contamination.

Food Safety and Cultural Norms Reports now available 

The Minneapolis Health Department recently released the results of a focus group research study about food safety and cultural norms among Latino and Somali residents of the metropolitan area. The study focused on the cultural aspects of meat consumption from live animal markets and other meat suppliers; food safety practices related to purchasing, transporting, storing and preparation of meat; and residents’ responses to food poisoning and food-borne illness incidents. 

Self Inspections and Temperature Logs

Self inspections and logging temperatures create internal peer to peer learning, strengthen training efforts by the person in charge, change facility standards and make businesses safer and more successful. Materials are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Vietnamese, Chinese and Somali.

Food Protection Self-Audit Picture Guide and Poster Set (2008)

This picture guide and poster set can be paired with the self inspection and temperature logs above. It can be especially useful for staff training where language or literacy barriers exist. Materials are available in English and Spanish, Hmong, VietnameseChinese and Somali.

Emergency Handbook for Food Managers and Emergency Readiness for Food Workers

Emergency Readiness for Food Managers

This handbook offers step-by-step guidance for maintaining food safety in the face of 10 emergencies that can realistically occur and significantly impact any food establishment. It also outlines a series of standard food safety and security practices and provides useful templates/tools to aid in their implementation.

Emergency Readiness for Food Workers

This set of photo lessons and its companion discussion Guide for Food Managers mirror the topics in the handbook for food managers but are geared for staff training. The photo lessons also can be used to guide worker activities during actual emergencies.

Handbooks are available in English, Spanish, Hmong, Chinese, Somali, and Arabic. Each link contains both the handbook for Food Managers and the Handbook for Food Workers.

Survey For Food Business

Please take our survey! The Health Department Food, Lodging and Pools unit would like feedback from restaurants and other food related businesses. Tell us your ideas for how we can improve, what we are doing well, what resources you need to help you succeed and more!

Food Business survey in English, Spanish, Hmong, Somali, Vietnamese, and Chinese.

Toxoplasmosis article

Interesting read shared by the Minnesota Department of Health. If you serve raw or undercooked meat products, know the risks and menu requirements.

Last updated Oct 10, 2014