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Permits for Minneapolis Events

Civic Events, Community Celebrations & Minneapolis Convention Center Public Events

Minneapolis is host to hundreds of public events each year – ranging from very small to very large, both indoors and outdoors.

The City of Minneapolis requires permits and approvals for all public events involving the sale or distribution of food and/or beverages or the provision of tattoo and body piercing services.

The Food, Lodging and Pools Unit within the Division of Environmental Health is responsible for regulating, inspecting and permitting these public events. 

Events Involving Food and/or Beverages

Event Sponsors

All public events where food and/or beverages are sold or given away must be organized and run by an Event Food Sponsor (Sponsor).

Permits must be approved prior to the start of the event.

The Sponsor shall:

During summer months when large volumes of events require approval, Sponsors are encouraged to turn in all applications and fees as early as possible to ensure plenty of time for processing.

Any vendor found selling or dispensing food or beverage without a permit will receive a fine.

Events after April 22, 2015, must comply with the city's Green To Go food packaging rules. Visit

Minneapolis Convention Center - Public events

All exhibitors planning to sell or dispense food or beverages at public events at the Minneapolis Convention Center must have permits and approval from the City of Minneapolis Food, Lodging & Pools program prior to the start of the event.

The event Permitee (referred to as the Event Food Sponsor) is responsible for submitting all permits and payments for exhibitors (see both the Event Food Sponsor Permit and Short Term Food Permit).

Any exhibitor found selling or dispensing food or beverage without a permit will be subject to termination of sample distribution and fined.

Food Event Application Forms:

Event Food Sponsor Permit


Short-Term Food Permit

Seasonal Food Permit

Food Safety Materials:

Body Art Events

See the Body Art Establishment page here. The link to the Body Art Establishment page is also in the left sidebar.


Last updated Apr 28, 2016