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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point

The Minnesota Food Code requires a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan for certain specialized processes. HACCP plans must be submitted and approved prior to use. Processes include:

Some of these processes have options alternative to a HACCP plan or require additional requirements such as a variance. Please contact your health inspector or the HACCP Team below to help guide you through these requirements.

HACCP Team Contacts

Mohamed Yusuf, 612-673-2612

Justo Garica, 612-673-3619

Jim Donovan, 612-673-2795

Kevin Keopraseuth, 612-673-2633

Jeremy Shields, 612-673-3561


If you are ready to start working on your HACCP plan, resources can be found below. Note that all templates must be modified to be consistent with your operation's procedures. After the plan has been reviewed, your operation will be inspected to ensure the procedures outlined in the submitted plan are consistent with what is happening in the operation.

All Plans

Reduced Oxygen Packaging


There are varying ppm requirements for different curing agents based on the method of curing. Contact the HACCP Team above if you have questions about which template best fits your product.



Last updated Mar 1, 2016