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Lead and Healthy Homes

Lead paint poisioning affects over one million children today. Find out when your home, school and daycare center was built. If it was before 1978, it probably contains lead-based paint.

If your child has a blood lead level greater than 10 micrograms per deciliter (μg/dl) call 311 and request a lead inspection for your home. This is a free inspection for Minneapolis residents.

The Lead & Healthy Homes program offers a simple yet comprehensive approach to dealing with a variety of environmental concerns associated with housing for Minneapolis residents. Listed below are some of the common problem areas addressed on a regular basis.

Common Problem Areas

Lead House

Exterior (Lead-based Paint), Windows (Lead-based Paint), Interior (Allergens, indoor air quality), Gutters & Basement (Water leaks can lead to mold).

Lead Safe Work Practices Course 

The Lead Safe Work Practices Course is designed for licensed building owners and contractors who wish to do maintenance and remodeling projects on homes built prior to 1978.

Healthy Homes Resource Guide

Healthy Homes Resource Guide for Minneapolis Senior Citizens is a resource guide for agencies that serve Minneapolis senior residents. Resources for chore services, financial assistance, home modification, de-cluttering, indoor health hazard mitigation,pest control and programs for veterans.




Last updated Jan 21, 2015