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Bed Bugs - General Information

Bed bugs can happen to anyone of any race, age or socioeconomic background. You are not a dirty person if you have bed bugs.

See Bed Bugs - DIY Videos on Prevention and Control

To view translated copies of the PDF links, see the University of Minnesota’s Let’s Beat the Bug! multilingual tasksheets.

What are bed bugs?

Bed Bug vs. AppleseedHave I Found a Bed Bug? | Q&A: Bed Bug Myths and Misunderstandings | See Bed Bug Pictures

  • Adult bed bugs are wingless, of brown-reddish color and about the size of an apple seed.
  • Bed bugs feed on human blood, targeting all individuals REGARDLESS of the cleanliness of your house.
  • Bed bugs do not spread disease; their bites may cause secondary infection, loss of sleep and anxiety.
  • Some individuals do not react to bed bug bites and thus may not know they have bed bugs

Where do bed bugs live?

Where they Hide | See bed bug hideout pictures

  • Bed bugs typically hide in cracks, crevices, folds and seams.
  • Common hideouts: mattresses, box springs, bed frames, head boards, electrical outlets, wall hangings, baseboard, carpet, furniture.
  • Bed bugs have been found in residences, businesses, hotels, public transportation and other public places

How do I prevent bed bugs from entering the house?

How to Prevent Bed Bugs from Entering your Home | Inspecting Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs | Bed Bug Free Holidays

  • Bed bugs are hitch hikers, so do not bring furniture found on the street into your home.
  • If you purchase a second-hand item, check the item for signs of bed bug presence
  • Be wary of signs for bed bug presence at hotels

What do I do if I have bed bugs?

What NOT to do when you have bed bugs | Bed Bug Control in Residences | Hiring a Pest Management Professional | EPA List of Approved Bed Bug Pesticides

  • Do NOT use agricultural or garden pesticides in your house. These chemicals can make you very sick.
  • If you use bed bug insecticide be sure they are approved by the EPA and follow instructions carefully
  • If unable to afford a pest professional help immediately, these videos offer DIY bed bug control techniques. They will not eliminate the pests but will help to control and reduce bed bug numbers. These methods are more effective than using over the counter insecticides.
  • Ultimately the help of a certified pest control professional is the best solution to eliminating bed bugs
  • NOTE: If you have a bed bug infestation, get help immediately. The longer you wait, the more difficult and expensive bed bug elimination will be

Live in Minneapolis and have bed bug complaints? Contact 311, the City of Minneapolis’s Information Line

Legal questions? Talk to Legal Aid or Home Line MN | Tenant/landlord laws: Minnesota Statute 504b.161

More questions? Contact Let’s Beat the Bug! at 612-624-2200 or bedbugs@umn.edu; or visit www.bedbugs.umn.edu

University of Minnesota, Let’s Beat the Bug | Environmental Protection Agency – Bed Bugs | The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene – Bed Bugs | University of Kentucky, Bed Bugs

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