Finance Department

350 S. 5th St., Room 325M
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Bids/Procurement (612) 673-2500
Payroll questions (612) 673-3086
Accounts Payable (612) 673-2311
General Administration (612) 673-2079

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Bidder Information

Bidder's Application

Bidder application instructions and forms are also available in the City of Minneapolis Procurement Division, 330 Second Avenue South, Suite 552, Minneapolis, MN 55401, Phone (612) 673-2500, Fax (612) 673-2106.

Once you have submitted an application, please use Buyer Information to identify the buyers, their phone numbers and their assigned commodities.  Vendors are welcome to contact the appropriate buyer.  Introduce yourself, your product or service, and ask any questions about the City's purchasing procedures.

Affirmative Action and SUBP
If you have questions or concerns regarding the City's Affirmative Action/Contract Compliance policies or the Small and Underutilized Business Program (SUBP), contact the Civil Rights Department at (612) 673-3012.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011