Finance Department

350 S. 5th St., Room 325M
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Bids/Procurement (612) 673-2500
Payroll questions (612) 673-3086
Accounts Payable (612) 673-2311
General Administration (612) 673-2079

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Governing Ordinances, Statutes and Policies


Purchasing Ordinance

Target Market Program Ordinance

Living Wage Ordinance  (Living Wage Certificate)

Equal Benefits Ordinance

Conflicts of Interest Ordinance

Prevailing Wage/Payment and Performance Bonds    (Prevailing Wage Certificate) (Payment and Performance Bond Template)

Civil Rights - Small and Under-utilized Business Program (SUBP)

Civil Rights – Affirmative Action/Compliance Requirements

Ethics in Government


Payment and Performance Bonds – Section 571.26 to 574.32

Business Data – Section 13.591

Uniform Municipal Contracting Law – Section 471.345

Prompt Payment – 471.425

Gift Acceptance


Environmentally Responsible Purchasing - Policy 

Financial Policies (2014 Council Adopted Budget)

Low Environmental Impact Cleaning Policy


Public Purpose Expenditures (as defined by the League of MN Cities)

Last updated Dec 18, 2016