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2012 Council Adopted Budget

Adopted by the City Council on December 14, 2011

Section 01 – Introduction
Section 02 – Background Information

Section 03 – Strategic Planning

Section 04 – Financial Policies

Section 05 – Financial Overview

Section 06 – Financial Plans

Section 07 – Capital Programs

Section 08 – City Council Operating Departments

Section 09 – Independent Boards and Agencies

Section 10 – Financial Schedules

Section 11 – Glossary of Terms
Section 12 – Resolutions

Budget in Brief
Table of Contents
Section 1 – Introduction

Transmittal Letter
Budget in Brief
How to use this document
Elected Officials
Department/Agency Heads
Budget Principles
City-wide organization chart
GFOA Distinguished Budget Presentation Award 2011

Section 2 - Background Information

Section 2 Table of Contents
Community Profile
Communities and Neighborhoods Map
Form of Government
Chronology of Financial Decision Making
Fund Descriptions

Section 3 – Strategic Planning

Section 3 Table of Contents
City's Goals and Strategic Directions
Annual Budget Process
Integrating Key City Processes
Results Minneapolis
Business Plan Goals Related to City Goals
City Program Proposals by Goal Area
Business Planning Resolution

Section 4 - Financial Policies

Section 4 Table of Contents
Operating Budget Policies
Revenue Policies
Reserve Policies
Accounting Policies
Investment Policies
Development Finance and Tax Increment Policies
Public Participation Policies
Allocation Model Policies
Pension Policies
Departmental Policies
Authority of the Finance Officer
Appropriation and Reappropriation Policies
CDBG Reprogramming Policy
Administrative Policies
Capital Budget Process
Debt Management Policies
Capital & Debt Administrative Policies
Arbitrage and Internal Service Regulations
Staff Directions regarding the Capital Budget Process
Capital Projects Status Report and Bond Authorization
Transfer Policies

Section 5 - Financial Overview

Section 5 Table of Contents
Financial Overview
Property Tax Levy
Residential Property Taxes and Utility Fees: Sample Bills
Commercial/Industrial and Apartment Property: Sample Bills

Section 6 - Financial Plans

Section 6 Table of Contents
Five-year Financial Direction 2013-2017

Ten-year Demands on Property Tax

Special Revenue Funds

- Convention Center Special Revenue Fund

- Arena Reserve Special Revenue Fund

- Community Planning and Economic Development
Enterprise Funds

- Municipal Parking Fund

- Solid Waste and Recycling Fund

- Sanitary Sewer Fund
- Storm Water Fund

- Water Fund

Internal Service Funds

- Public Works Stores Fund
- Engineering Materials and Testing Fund
- Intergovernmental Services Fund
- Fleet Services Fund

- Property Services Fund

- Self Insurance Fund

Section 7 - Capital Program

Section 7 Table of Contents
Capital Budget Narrative Overview
Five-Year Capital Investment Allocation
Five-Year Capital Funding Summary
Capital Budget Summary
Capital Budget Detail for Funded Projects
Net Debt Bond Allocation
2012-2016 Council Adopted Capital Resources
2012 Bond Redemption Levy for Capital Program
Infrastructure Acceleration Program
Council Adopted Utility Rates
2012-2016 Capital Program Descriptions
Operating Cost Implications for Approved 2012 Projects
Capital Budget Decision Summary
Glossary of Terms & Abbreviations for the Capital Program

Section 8 - City Council Operating Departments

Section 8 Table of Contents


City Council & Clerk

City Coordinator


Emergency Management

Business Information Services


Convention Center


Human Resources

Intergovernmental Relations

Neighborhood and Community Relations

Civil Rights

Community Planning and Economic Development


Health and Family Support

Internal Audit



Public Works

Regulatory Services


Section 9 - Independent Boards and Agencies

Section 9 Table of Contents
Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET)

Municipal Building Commission (MBC)

Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (Park Board)

Minneapolis Public Housing Authority (MPHA)

Youth Coordinating Board (YCB)

Section 10 - Financial Schedules

Section 10 Table of Contents
Schedule 1 - Fund Summary and Changes to Fund Balance

Schedule 2 - Revenues by Fund and Type and Revenues by Type

Schedule 3 - Expenditures by Fund and Department and Expenditures by Department

Schedule 4 - CDBG Program

Schedule 5 - Summary of positions by Departments and Agencies (including footnotes)

Schedule 6 & 7 – CPED Program Allocations by Fund

Schedule 8 – Interfund Transfers

Schedule 9 – Self Insurance Fund Impact

Schedule 10 – Business Information Services Budget Impact on City Departments

Schedule 11 – Equipment Division impacts on City Departments

Schedule 12 – Property Services impacts on City Departments

Schedule 13 – Cost of City Hall Space

Schedule 14 – General Fund Overhead Charges

Section 11 - Glossary of Terms
 Section 12 - Resolutions


Last updated Jan 17, 2012