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Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO)

What is the MWMO?
Who are the MWMO member communities?
What does the MWMO do?
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What is the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization?
The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization (MWMO) is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of water and the quality of life in the Mississippi River watershed.

The MWMO will provide for the long-term management of its water and associated land resources through the development and implementation of projects, programs, and policies that respect ecosystem principles and reflect changing community values. The MWMO will assist and cooperate with member cities, other government agencies, non-profit agencies, and communities in managing its water resources to achieve this vision:

Who are the MWMO Member Communities?
The MWMO includes the communities of Minneapolis, St. Anthony, St. Paul, Lauderdale as well as the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. These cities and the Park Board have entered into a Joint Cooperative Agreement (JCA) that enables the MWMO to conduct projects and programs with the support of the member communities. The following table depicts how much of the Mississippi River Watershed is under the jurisdiction of the various members.


Percentage of Land in the Mississippi Watershed

City of Minneapolis


City of Saint Anthony


City of Saint Paul


Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board


City of Lauderdale



Watershed Responsibility

Local Government Responsibility

Review and approve local water management plans and amendments

Local water management plan development and amendment

Address inter-community issues

Address intra-community issues

Develop policies and standards for implementation

Implement policies and standards through local controls

Develop educational materials and monitoring programs

Assist in program implementation and distribution of education materials

Develop and implement projects

Assist in local project implementation

What does the MWMO do?
The MWMO develops and implements policies, programs, and projects to accomplish its goals. The MWMO does not issue permits or write letters of approval, but it relies on existing governmental policies and approvals to ensure that the water quality is protected. It also utilizes existing community and non-profit organizations to recognize programs that should be implemented and to facilitate those programs. Some goals of the MWMO may require extensive solutions to remedy water quality issues and problems. The MWMO would like to focus on preventative measures to protect the watershed; however, some projects may require structural changes.

Goals of the MWMO:

Several projects have been identified by the MWMO Watershed Management Plan. These projects are listed below in no particular order.

MWMO Mailing Address

250 South 4th St, Rm 414
Minneapolis, MN 55415

MWMO Staff Contacts
Doug Snyder, Project Manager, (612) 673-2698
Jon Steadland, Project Coordinator, (612) 673-2687

MWMO Board
MWMO Commissioner Chair, City of Minneapolis
Joe Biernat

Commissioner, City of St. Paul
Karlyn Eckman

Commissioner, City of Lauderdale
Karen Gill-Gerbig

Commissioner, City of St. Anthony
Amy Sparks

Commissioner, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board
Jon Olson

Last updated Apr 6, 2012