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Energy Benchmarking Results for Public and Large Commercial Buildings Public Buildings






2014 Benchmarking Results

For the third year of benchmarking, Minneapolis is releasing individual building results for public commercial buildings greater than 25,000 sq.ft. and private commercial buildings over 100,000 sq.ft. in size.  Complete report analysis along with aggregated results for private commercial properties between 50,000 and 100,000 sq.ft. is due out in fall 2015.

Public individual building results for calendar year 2014 (pdf)

Private individual building results for calendar year 2014 (pdf)


2013 Benchmarking Results

To comply with Ordinance 47.190, Minneapolis has released the second annual report (pdf) on energy use in public buildings. This new analysis of the energy use of 365 public and commercial buildings in Minneapolis reveals that these buildings have the combined potential to save $11 million on energy costs per year and avoid more than 62,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions by increasing their energy efficiency and reducing consumption by 10%. The City of Minneapolis’ new report analyzed the 2013 energy use of 194 commercial and 171 public buildings that submitted data to the City as required by the building energy benchmarking and transparency ordinance (building owners had until June 2014 to submit data). The buildings in the report include 98 million square feet of floor space and account for more than 1.5 billion mmbtu (million British thermal units) of total energy use, which is approximately the equivalent use of 47,000 houses or all of the households in South Minneapolis.

Key findings include:

Report for calendar year 2013 (pdf)

Infographic for calendar year 2013

Look up results on the Minneapolis PropertyInfo page


2012 Benchmarking Results

Report for calendar year 2012 (pdf)


Last updated Oct 5, 2015