Flu? When to seek help

If you are ill, you may be concerned about being exposed to very ill people in an emergency room or urgent care center. This is a valid concern but there are instances when flu complications can be serious and an ill person should seek medical care.

How do you know when an ill person should seek immediate medical treatment and when it’s best to stay home?

General guidelines about when to seek medical advice or call 911

For general guidance in a non-emergency situation

In a non-emergency situation, call your health care provider for advice, if possible. If your health care provider is flooded with callers, here are other options:

Flu Hotline

Call the Minnesota Department of Health’s toll-free Minnesota FluLine at 1-866-259-4655 for information and treatment options. The nurse line can provide information, prescribe an antiviral medication or recommend an evaluation at a clinic or hospital. There is no charge for calling the FluLine and it is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Last updated Oct 29, 2012