1215 Marshall Street NE

September 2006

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Deadline: Nov. 30, 2006.

RFP Summary

The City of Minneapolis is seeking redevelopment proposals for property owned by the City at 1215 Marshall Street NE. The City’s development goals for the property are renovation of the existing structure to accommodate neighborhood-oriented, pedestrian-scale mixed-use commercial/retail/office uses. The redevelopment site is located on Marshall Street N.E. between 13th Avenue N.E. and Broadway Street. The site includes an 18,991 square foot two-story structure. There are nine surface parking spaces adjacent to the building and eight dedicated spaces in the Sheridan Development Company’s proposed parking structure, for a total of 17 parking spaces.

For further information regarding submission requirements, call Judy Cedar at (612) 673-5095. Proposal deadline: Nov. 30, 2006.

Listing of Questions and Answers related to the Office Building and Obtained during the Open House Tours and Discussion Session.

Application materials

Market Value Appraisal of the Grain Belt Office Building (pdf, 110 pages, 13.4 MB)

Representative Floor Plans (pdf, 3 page2, 64 KB)

Aerial View of Grain Belt Complex (pdf, 1 page, 319 KB)

Preliminary Plat of Grain Belt Brewery Lofts (pdf, 1 page, 347 KB)

Grain Belt Site and Elevations (SDC development) (pdf, 6 pages, 2 MB)

"Consent for Release of Response Data" (doc, 28 KB)

General Requirements (pdf, 7 pages, 50 KB)

Access Exhibit (pdf, 1 page, 187 KB)

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