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Pedestrian-oriented uses

Limiting automobile-oriented uses or uses with low job density are public objectives where the City wishes to foster a more pedestrian-oriented urban environment. This is best accomplished in the C1 and C3A districts, which, on the whole, restrict these types of uses. On the other extreme, the C4 district allows the greatest number of automobile service uses (e.g., including major automobile repair and car rental) as well as low job density industrial uses.

Automobile Service Uses

Automobile Service uses are Conditional Uses wherever they are allowed. These uses include Automobile Convenience Facilities (e.g., gas station), car washes, automobile repair, and automobile sales. All uses of this type are allowed in industrial districts as well as the C4 District. The C2 and C3S allow all of these uses except Automobile Rental and Automobile Repair (major).

The C1 and C3A districts prohibit Automobile Service uses of any kind. The one exception to this rule is for automobile convenience and minor automobile repair uses in existence in a C1 district at the time of the adoption of the Zoning Code. These uses remain Conditional Uses. Any existing uses of this type in a C3A district are non-conforming.

Drive-Through Facilities

The C1, C3A, OR, and PO Overlay districts prohibit drive-through facilities. The C2, C3S, C4, and I districts allow drive-through facilities.

Fast Food Restaurants

The Zoning Code places significant restrictions on the development of new fast food restaurants. They are Conditional Uses, and require Site Plan Review, wherever they are allowed. They are allowed only in existing storefront buildings in the C1, C2, C3A, and I1 districts. The exception to this rule for the C2 and I1 districts is if the proposed use is located in an area with 660 feet of continuous street frontage of C2, C3S, C4 or Industrial zoning, without interruption by C1, C3A or a Pedestrian Oriented Overlay District. The intent of this provision is to allow this type of use in a C2 District where the character of the district is distinct from that zoned C1, C3A or PO. The storefront requirement does not apply in C3S, C4 and I2 districts.

Production, Processing and Storage

The Zoning Code has a category of uses called Production, Processing and Storage. These are commercial/industrial uses that are allowed to varying degrees in the commercial as well as industrial districts. Some of these, by their nature, have low job density and are not pedestrian-oriented. These include self-service storage, equipment storage/sales, and warehousing. The C4 District allows each of these specific uses, whereas the other commercial districts prohibit them.

Transportation Uses

Transportation uses include, among others, bus garages or maintenance facilities; package delivery services; and truck, trailer or boat sales, service and rental. They are Conditional Uses and are only allowed in the C4 and Industrial districts.

Last updated Sep 27, 2011