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Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study

Zoning Changes Adopted

After several rounds of revisions, changes to the primary and overlay zoning districts along the Midtown Greenway were adopted by the City Council on April 2, 2010. Zoning changes within the study area are now in effect. The City Planning Commission previously acted on the proposed zoning changes at the December 14th meeting

Adopted Primary Zoning District Changes (pdf)
Adopted Overlay Zoning District Changes
List of adopted zoning changes by parcel (pdf)

Supporting Material

Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study Staff Report (pdf)
Proposed Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Maps (pdf)
Future Land Use and Development Intensity Maps (pdf)
Public Comments (pdf)


The Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study analyzed the existing zoning in the area surrounding the Midtown Greenway, resulting in a recommendation to change the zoning of select parcels that made the zoning match the City adopted future land use plans.

It is the City’s goal to encourage the type of development envisioned in the adopted plans and prevent development that is inconsistent with the plans. In addition, the City has a legal obligation to ensure that zoning reflects adopted land use goals. The Midtown Greenway Rezoning Study addressed the future land use recommendations from several adopted plans:


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