Above the Falls: a Master Plan for the Upper River in Minneapolis

Technical Appendix

The documents below require Adobe Reader.

  1. The Upper Harbor Terminal and Commercial Navigation on the Upper Mississippi River ( 278 KB), James Miller Investment Realty Co.
  2. Economic Conditions (505 KB), Anton & Associates, Inc.
  3. Summary of Economic Effects (257 KB), Anton & Associates, Inc.
  4. Changes in River Morphometry and Water Quality for Proposed Changes in River- and Land-use (291 KB), Practices in the Minneapolis Stretch of the Mississippi River, Patrock Brezonik, Department of Civil Engineering, and Chris Paola, Department of Geology and Geophhysics/St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
  5. National Economic Advisory Panel on the Redevelopment of the Upper Mississippi River (334 KB), Cori Trudeau
  6. Inventory and Review of Existing [Riverbank] Conditions, Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc.
  7. Stabilization, Restoration, and Enhancement Recommendations ( 4.67 MB), Robbin B. Sotir & Associates, Inc.
  8. Environmental Constraints (597 KB) (Soil and Groundwater Contamination), Dames & Moors
  9. Preliminary Cost Estimates (569 KB)
  10. Land Use and Park Programming Concept Alternatives, Wallace Roberts and Todd
  11. Preferred Plan Basis of Selection (458 KB)
  12. Environmental Restoration/Wildlife Habitat Enhancement (356 KB)
  13. Citizen Participation (168 KB)
  14. Compliance with Critical Area and MNRRA (49 KB)

October 25, 2004

Last updated Oct 26, 2011