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Minneapolis Employment and Training

Business/Employer Services & Tools

Minneapolis Employment and Training provides a variety of tools and resource links to assist Minneapolis businesses with employment, training and talent recruitment.

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Recruitment, Hiring, Training, and Retaining Talent

Recruit and Retain Your Workforce

Minneapolis Employment and Training and its provider network can:

Mentor Tomorrow’s Workforce Today

Business Assistance and Resources

  • City of Minneapolis department of Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) Business Assistance and Finance Program Information  
  • Labor market data and industry trends
  • Create a City of Minneapolis Workforce Plan to maximize the community benefit of your investment.
  • The City of Minneapolis Job Linkage Program provides a framework for city economic development programs and projects. Job Linkage agreements encourage businesses to establish five-year job hiring and retention goals, hire Minneapolis residents and pay living wages (any business that receives financial assistance from the city will be required to sign a job linkage agreement).
  • Learn about the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC), a Federal tax credit incentive that Congress provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from nine target groups who have consistently faced significant barriers to employment. 

Additional Resources

Contact Mark Brinda at 612-673-6231 to learn how Minneapolis Employment and Training can help support your business.


Last updated May 9, 2016