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Business Profile: North Market

Downtown Surface Parking Lot Map
Rendering of the soon-to-be North Market. Provided by: Pillsbury United Communities and LSE Architects

Currently, 67,000 North Minneapolis residents live over one mile from a single supermarket, making North Minneapolis one of the country’s largest federally designated food deserts. While this not only makes accessing fresh fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods extremely difficult, a supermarket can also provide a much-needed community-building space that the area currently lacks. To address this need, Pillsbury United Communities (PUC), a Minneapolis nonprofit, has spent years engaging with North Minneapolis community members to develop the new North Market, an innovative grocery store designed to increase access to nutritious food and wellness resources.
Located in a 15,000-square-foot former Kowalski’s at 4414 Humboldt Ave. N., North Market will provide the community with more than a grocery store. Addressing the food, health and economic disparities in North Minneapolis, North Market provides a three-piece solution that integrates access to affordable food, health services and community wellness programs. Through a partnership with North Memorial Health Care, North Market will contain a walk-in clinic, pharmacy, on-site dietician, community education classes and wellness programs.
North Market begins construction this spring with financing from revenue bonds issued by the City and a redevelopment grant from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED). Scheduled to open in October 2017, North Market will bring an estimated 25 new grocery retail positions, $3.6 million in annual revenue (with profits reinvested in programming that benefits the community), and improvements to the overall social, cultural and economic landscape of North Minneapolis.

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Last updated Feb 13, 2017