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Downtown Surface Parking Lot Map

As Minneapolis grows, one of the most encouraging transformations has been the emergence of active and productive uses where parking lots once existed. Minneapolis’ growth strategy includes encouraging robust investment in the core of the city. While Minneapolis can be proud of its lively downtown, City policies and the Downtown 2025 Plan envision an even brighter future for those parts of downtown that have been dominated by parking lots.
The City of Minneapolis restricted the establishment or expansion of parking lots in the downtown area beginning in 1999. Since that time, the public, private, and non-profit sectors have expanded the range of options for arriving downtown without a personal automobile. Council Member Lisa Goodman, who authored the City’s downtown surface parking ordinance, noted, “After much of our downtown fabric suffered from years of buildings being torn down for surface parking, we said ‘enough is enough.’ People have been steadily repurposing existing buildings and replacing parking lots with more productive uses. Our strategy has been extremely effective, but more work remains.”
Council Member Jacob Frey also added, “We went to war on surface parking lots, and I’m proud to say we’re winning! A previous ocean of nothingness is being transformed to a vibrant urban paradise with mixed use development, public realm improvement, and excitement. We promised a rocking downtown, and we are delivering.”
CPED staff has mapped a 10-year snapshot of the disappearance of downtown parking lots, from 2006 to 2016.

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Last updated Sep 16, 2016