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Department of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)


Minneapolis is one of the nation’s best cities: a great place to live, work, and play.

Minneapolis is viewed as a top place for great development. The vision, standards, and process for development throughout the City are clear, understandable and are fair to all residents and developers. Minneapolis is viewed as a City that supports businesses with the potential to create jobs, tax base, and community vitality and supports current and future residents to be competitive for those jobs. We are a community that offers housing options for every age and every income bracket. We value arts, culture, nature and innovation. We strive for equity and quality life-long living.


The Department of Community Planning and Economic Development works to equitably grow a sustainable city with more people and more jobs through thoughtful design and enhanced environment.

As we conduct our work, we strive to be:

Organizational Structure

CPED is organized into four divisions: Long Range Planning, Housing Development and Policy, Economic Development and Policy, and Development Services. 

Business Plan

For an outline of specific objectives and measures that relate to each of these goals, and how they relate to the citywide goals adopted by the Mayor and City Council, see our 2014-2017 Business Plan .

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Last updated Dec 12, 2014