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Department of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)

Mission & Values

The Department of Community Planning and Economic Development works to grow a sustainable city; more people, more jobs

As we conduct our work, we strive to be:

Organizational Structure

CPED is organized into four divisions: Long Range Planning, Housing Development and Policy, Economic Development and Policy, and Development Services. 

Goals & Business Plan

Like all City of Minneapolis departments, CPED operates within the context of a five-year business plan, which is updated annually. Our current business plan identifies five broad, departmental goals:

  1. Plan and develop a vibrant, sustainable community;
  2. Promote private sector growth to build a healthy economy;
  3. Promote economic self-sufficiency for individuals and families;
  4. Develop and preserve life-cycle housing throughout the city; and
  5. Partner effectively to promote regional growth and investment.

For an outline of specific objectives and measures that relate to each of these goals, and how they relate to the citywide goals adopted by the Mayor and City Council in 2006, see our 2010-2014 Business Plan .

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Last updated Aug 12, 2014