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Great Streets - Neighborhood Business District Program

Whether already vibrant or in need of additional investment, our neighborhood business districts are our Great Streets- essential elements of a great city. The City Council established the Great Streets Neighborhood Business District program in 2007 to cultivate and sustain vibrant neighborhood commercial districts in the City of Minneapolis. There are substantial differences between business districts across the city and therefore commercial revitalization takes multiple forms and varying levels of targeted public investment. The Great Streets program utilizes a variety of investment tools, including commercial real estate development and business loans, grants for business technical assistance and district-wide marketing and recruitment efforts, and façade improvement matching grants to business and property owners.

For more information on Great Streets programs, contact Rebecca Parrell at (612) 673-5018.

Business District Support Grants

Some non-profit neighborhood groups, business associations, and community development corporations have grant contracts with the City of Minneapolis to implement specialized Business District Support strategies in business districts throughout the city.

Technical Assistance Grants

The Small Business Technical Assistance Program provides funding to local non-profit business consulting organizations to deliver technical assistance services to Minneapolis businesses and entrepreneurs.

Façade Improvement Matching Grants

Some non-profit neighborhood groups, business associations, and community development corporations have contracts with the City of Minneapolis to provide Façade Improvement Matching Grants to businesses and commercial property owners.

Business Loans

The City recognizes that businesses, both small and large, are the backbone of our economy and has a variety of loan programs to provide support to existing, expanding, and new businesses. One of the most popular loan programs for financing building improvements and equipment purchases is the Two-Percent Loan Program.

Real Estate Development Gap Financing

The City has gap financing resources for real estate development and development acquisition for transformative commercial development projects located on designated commercial corridors, nodes, and LRT station areas.

Market Profiles

The City of Minneapolis has access to a wide range of demographic and market data. In order to make this information accessible to those involved in business district revitalization and retail recruitment efforts, the City has created "Market Profiles" or snapshots of Great Streets eligible areas . These reports are meant to provide basic information and ARE NOT conclusive comprehensive market studies.

Case Studies

When neighborhoods use multiple tools and tap a variety of resources, revitalization efforts are often successful. Each neighborhood is unique with its own set of opportunities and challenges and requires a customized approach.

Geographic Eligibility

Eligible Areas Map

Great Streets program resources are available for businesses located in commercial corridors, commercial nodes, activity centers, and Light Rail Transit Station Areas – business districts where the City encourages concentrated commercial activity (as defined in The Minneapolis Plan for Sustainable Growth). The City prioritizes resources for areas with demonstrated need.

City Council Reports Related to Great Streets

Policies set by the City of Minneapolis guide the Great Streets programs.

Other Resources

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