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Constituent Representation

Most people understand that Council Members are elected policymakers. But Council Members are, first and foremost, elected to represent their constituents—the residents of their wards. And while the policymaking function is predominate, representational duties performed by Council Members are equally important in helping residents solve problems, address challenges, and identify opportunities. As a consequence, constituent representation and service is a significant priority that encompasses a great deal of time for each Council Member and their staffs.

Casework—usually called constituent service—assures the Council Members maintain a direct line to their constituents. This enables them to keep track of issues and developments affecting their wards. Each Council Member employs a small staff to assist them in serving their constituents. These aides receive and respond to inquiries, requests for assistance or information, and complaints; facilitate communications with other local, regional, state, and national government agencies; and work with constituents to address and resolve problems.

Ward Office Directory

Ward Staff Phone
Ward 1 McDonough, Shannon 612-673-2003
Brock, Lisa 612-673-2201
Ward 2 Garwood, Robin 612-673-3654
Olsen, Nancy 612-673-2202
Ward 3 Ritchie, Heidi 612-673-3142
Farley, Zack 612-673-3126
Ward 4 White, Jennifer 612-673-3313
Lange, Dawn 612-673-2204
Ward 5 Broom, Sean 612-673-3198
Yang, Ger 612-673-2205
Ward 6 Salah, Abdi 612-673-3315
Schuster, Leda 612-673-2206
Ward 7 Sadler, Patrick 612-673-3195
Weakly, Ruth 612-673-2207
Ward 8 Lopez Lara, Sara 612-673-3569
Sirdar, Deebaa 612-673-2208
Ward 9 Gomez, Aisha 612-673-3196
Quiroz, Mary Anne 612-673-7145
Ward 10 Harris, Ron 612-673-3197
Wallace, Lindsey 612-673-2210
Ward 11 Dybvig, John 612-673-3314
Petersen, Mary 612-673-2211
Ward 12 Murphy, Suzanne 612-673-2378
Nelson, Kate 612-673-2212
Ward 13 Dahler, Ken 612-673-3199
Day, Patty 612-673-2213

Get Involved

Good government depends on the involvement of informed residents, and the Council encourages public input to better reflect the needs and priorities of their wards and the community at-large. To learn more about how you can get involved and have your voice heard in the policy-making process.

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Last updated Sep 29, 2016