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Police Conduct Review Panel


The Police Conduct Review Panel contains a minimum of seven (7) civilian members, four appointed by the city council and three appointed by the mayor. All civilian members are appointed in conformance with the open appointments as outlined in the Minneapolis Code of Ordinances §172.60 with several exceptions. Initial civilian appointees shall serve terms of two (2), three (3) or four (4) years to stagger the expiration of term. Thereafter, appointments shall be for four (4) years.

Review Panel Instruction Manual

The revised Police Conduct Review Panel instructions can be found here. (PDF)

Selection Process

Applications are received by the City Clerk and forwarded to the Mayor, the Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Managment Chair and the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights staff for recommendation. Selected Applicants are then scheduled to speak at a public hearing in front of the Public Safety, Civil Rights & Emergency Management Committee. Applications are then forwarded from the Committee to the full Council for approval.


In order to stagger the expiration of terms, the original appointments of civilian panelists shall be for terms of two (2), three (3) or four (4) years, as determined by the City Clerk.


All members shall be residents of the city. Individuals currently or previously employed by the Minneapolis Police Department are ineligible to serve as members of the civilian pool. References may be provided and will be checked. All Police Conduct Review Panel members must:

The Office of Police Conduct Review may establish additional required qualifications.

Minimum training requirements

  1. Annual training session as arranged by the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights.
  2. Mandatory training in the following subject areas as arranged by the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights: police use of force, Minnesota Government Data Practices Act, Open Meeting law, the Minnesota Public Employee Labor Relations Act, ethics and conflict of interest.
  3. Within two (2) years of appointment, all new members must complete the portions of the Citizen's Academy as determined by the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights.

Additional Information

The Police Conduct Review Panel meets on an as needed basis. Hearings and Reviews may be conducted in the evening and on weekends. Panel members are compensated $50.00 for each day when the member attends one or more meetings or panel review sessions, and shall be reimbursed for expenses incurred in the performance of duties in the same manner and amount as other city boards and commission members.

MPD considers the following criteria when selecting its sworn panelists:

  1. Career experience with emphasis on patrol and investigations
  2. Ability to use an analytic thought process
  3. Oral and written communication abilities
  4. Proven ability to work with diverse communities
  5. Ability to work with civilian staff
  6. Experience in dealing with, and working to resolve citizen initiated complaints
  7. Ability to be fair and neutral in analyzing allegations of misconduct
  8. Previous disciplinary history


Current pool of Civilian Review Panelists

The current appointment cycles for the Police Conduct Review Panel and Police Conduct Oversight Commission are closed; we are not currently accepting applications.
For email alerts on current opening information, please visit: City Clerk’s Office - Boards, Commissions and Advisory Committees

Last updated Apr. 8, 2014