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Police Conduct Oversight: Frequently Asked Questions

The OPCR also has printed informational brochures (pdf) available in our office. Please call 612-673-5500 to request outreach materials for distribution and/or educational purposes.

Is the OPCR part of the Minneapolis Police Department?

The OPCR is made up of two units, civilians from the Minneapolis Department of Civil Rights and sworn officers of the Minneapolis Police Department Internal Affairs Unit. As such, the OPCR is not a part of the police department but works with officers to resolve complaints in a way that is objective and fair.

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How do I file a complaint about police conduct?

A complaint becomes official once the complainant signs it and it’s received by the Office of Police Conduct Review. All online complaints will be considered official and can be signed at a later date.

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What kinds of complaints are received?

The Office of Police Conduct Review receives complaints that allege misconduct by an individual Minneapolis Police officer or officers, including, but not limited to:

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Who can file a complaint?

Any person who has personal knowledge of alleged misconduct on the part of a Minneapolis Police officer may file a complaint. A parent or legal guardian may file on behalf of a minor. A family member, conservator or legal guardian may file on behalf of a vulnerable adult.

All complaints must be filed within 270 days (approximately 9 months) of the alleged misconduct.

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Do I have to know the officer’s name, badge number, or squad number?

While this information is useful to OPCR investigators, it is not necessary to file a complaint. OPCR investigators have access to a variety of tools to determine which officers were involved in the event. However, the OPCR is unable investigation allegations when an officer cannot be identified through any means.

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Can I file a complaint with the OPCR against an officer from another city, Hennepin County, or the University of Minnesota?

No, the OPCR is limited to cases involving sworn members of the Minneapolis Police Department. However, OPCR staff may be able to refer you to the correct agency.

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What if I think I deserve financial compensation the result of an officer's actions?

The OPCR does not provide financial reimbursement as a result of a completed investigation. You may contact a private attorney to discuss options while filing a complaint with the OPCR. The OPCR cannot provide you with legal advice or representation. If your property was damaged by the police and you would like to file a claim, contact Risk Management at (612) 673-2969.

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If I have been charged with a crime, will filing a complaint affect the criminal case?

Filing a complaint with the OPCR will not affect a criminal case as the two processes are completely separate. The OPCR cannot provide you with legal advice or representation.

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What happens to a complaint after it’s filed?

Once a complaint is received by the Office of Police Conduct Review, staff will decide how the allegations should be handled:

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If I file a complaint, will I be notified of the outcome?

As there are a variety of options for completing a case, not all complainants will be notified of their complaint’s final outcome. However, they will be provided with updates throughout the process. When the Police Conduct Review Panel issues a recommendation to the chief that the complaint has no merit, the complainant will be notified and will have 15 days to appeal the decision. The final disciplinary decision by the police chief is public subject to the Minnesota Government Data Practice Act.

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Last updated Dec 5, 2013