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Business Technical Assistance Program (B-TAP)

Supporting business development in the City of Minneapolis

What is B-TAP?

The Business Technical Assistance Program or B-TAP program was created to provide consulting support to businesses located in the City of Minneapolis.

How does it work?

Through B-TAP, the City contracts with local non-profit organizations focused on entrepreneur training and economic development to provide direct ser¬vices to new and existing businesses.

Who is eligible to receive the services?

Small- and medium-sized businesses located in Minneapolis.

What kind of services can small-and medium-sized businesses receive?

B-TAP can assist entrepreneurs who are:

How can businesses access the services?

For 2014-2015, the City contracted with 11 service providers, several of which specialize in serving particular ethnic groups or geographic areas.

Minneapolis businesses interested in receiving services can contact the service provider of their choice directly. Details about services provided and contact information for each organization listed is provided in the attached matrix. City staff may also provide guidance on which organization to contact.


Daniel Bonilla, Senior Project Coordinator - CPED, 612-673-5232
Emily Stern, Senior Project Coordinator - CPED, 612-673-5191
Becky Shaw, Senior Economic Development Specialist - CPED 612-673-5066



Clients Served

Services Provided

Funds for Start-Ups

Funds for Expansions

African Development CenterNasibu Sareva 
immigrant community
Business training, consultations, workshops and loans
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Asian Economic Development AssociationVa-Megn Thoj
Asian entrepreneursIn-language business development consultation to Asian small businesses
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Lake Street Council
Allison Sharkey
Businesses located in the Lake Street area, South Minneapolis.Financial and location analysis, business planning, marketing, merchandising and other technical assistance aiding attraction, opening, maintenance and expansion of businesses


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Latino Economic Development CenterMario Hernandez 
Latino immigrant communityMicro-entrepreneurship classes, group technical assistance workshops and one-on-one technical in Spanish to Latino entrepreneurs


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Metropolitan Consortium of Community DevelopersKris Maritz
Iric Nathanson
Small and medium size businessesProvide one-on-one small business technical assistance and access to capital 


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Metropolitan Economic Development AssociationJan Jordet
Entrepreneurs of color seeking government contractsAccess to comprehensive business consulting services, access to financing and access to both corporate and government contracting opportunities


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Midwest Minority Supplier Development CouncilDuane Ramseur
Minority owned businessesAccess to comprehensive business consulting services, access to financing and access to both corporate and government contracting opportunities 


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Neighborhood Development CenterBrian Singer
Entrepreneurs of colorProvide entrepreneur training, technical assistance, small business lending, business incubators and capacity building


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Northside Economic Opportunity NetworkAshley Bennett
New and existing businesses located in North MinneapolisProvide three core services including business feasibility assessment, entrepreneur training and outreach, and technical assistance.


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Seward RedesignBrian Miller
Businesses located in Seward Neighborhood and Hiawatha Corridor in South MinneapolisTechnical assistance to businesses and property owners to facilitate real estate development projects from concept through design, financing, construction and lease-up or sale 


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Women VentureCall 651-346-3808 to be connected to appropriate resourceLow- and moderate-income womenWomen Venture helps women to start and grow their small businesses through education, business consulting and micro-loans up to $50,000


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Last updated Apr 23, 2015