Board of Appeal and Equalization

350 S 5th St, Room 304
Minneapolis, MN 55415
(612) 673-3358

Board of Appeal and Equalization

The City of Minneapolis Board of Appeal and Equalization hears appeals from property owners who disagree with the City's assessed value of their property. The three-member Board is made up of one realtor, one appraiser and one home owner. 

If you wish to make an appeal before the local board, an application is required no later than Friday, April 4, 2014.

Note: The local board may not make an individual market value adjustment or classification change that would benefit the property in cases where the owner or other person having control over the property will not permit the assessor to inspect the property and the interior of any buildings or structures...*Minnesota Statutes. Section 274.01, subdivision 1, paragraph b

For State level appeals process questions, please visit the Minnesota Tax Court website.

For those applicants whose appeals were received before the April 28, 2014 Board adjournment you may contact the Hennepin County Board at (612) 348-7050 or visit the Hennepin County website to make an appointment.

Assessor's Property Valuation Process

In March of each year, the County sends out tax notifications based on the Assessors valuation of each property. If there are questions about the value placed on a property, the best first step is to call the Assessor's office at the phone number listed on the county notice. If the property owner does not reach agreement with the Assessor, the they may appeal to the Minneapolis Board of Appeal and Equalizaton. After application to the Board, all applications to the Board are reviewed by the Assessor to see if agreement can be reached with the applicant before the Board meeting.

For information on the process, visit Minneapolis Assessor's Office


Last updated Feb 6, 2014