Pedestrian Advisory Committee

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To advise the Mayor and City Council on policies, programs, and actions for improving pedestrian safety, mobility, accessibility, and comfort; for promoting walking for transportation, recreation, and health purposes; and for strengthening the linkage between the pedestrian environment and public transportation

Meeting Schedule

PAC meetings are typically scheduled the first Wednesday of the month in the afternoon.


Public Works - Transportation




Composed of 15 voting members who reside or own a business in the City and who have an interest in promoting walking and improving the pedestrian environment in Minneapolis. The voting membership as a whole shall represent the following perspectives on pedestrian issues:

• distinct pedestrian user groups, such as people with disabilities, senior citizens, parents or people who work with children, and transit riders;

• caretakers of the pedestrian environment, such as property owners, neighborhood groups, business owners, and business associations;

• people with relevant technical expertise, such as traffic safety, urban design, and public health;

• people representing diverse social, cultural and economic groups in the City; and

people representing distinct geographic areas of the City, including at least one member from each of the five sectors of the City (Downtown, East, North, South, and Southwest), as defined in the attached map.

The Committee also includes non-voting members from City Departments and partner agencies as identified by the Committee, with an interest in and impact on pedestrian issues to provide expertise on pedestrian issues and to serve as a liaison between the Committee and City Departments and partner agencies.

Appointment Process

The Committee uses the City's open appointment process for the 15 voting members appointed by the City Council.

Term of Appointment

2 Years (8 members appointed in odd numbered years and 7 members appointed in even numbered years)



Residency Requirement

Members shall reside or own a business in the City of Minneapolis.

Last updated Feb 5, 2014