Open Appointments

The City uses the open appointment process, Minneapolis Code of Ordinance Section 14.180 (e-m)(pdf), to insure a fair and unbiased selection for citizen participation on the City’s Boards and Commissions.

When an opening occurs on a board or commission, a vacancy notice is published on the City’s website.

Applications to these boards and commissions are accepted by the City Clerk’s Office.

Current Boards and Commissions Openings


City Clerk
Notifies the Mayor, Council President and Council Administrative Assistant monthly of appointments to expire in 90 days.
Sends board staff a written notice detailing vacancies.

Council and Mayor
Review vacancies and make recommendations about recruitment to board staff.

Board Staff
Revises vacancy notice and sends information to City Clerk.

City Clerk
Writes final vacancy notice and sends to Communications, Neighborhood and Community Relations, the Mayor, Council Members and any interested parties.

Neighborhood and Community Relations
Sends notice to neighborhood organizations and neighborhood newspapers.

Cablecasts vacancy notice on channel 34.

Completes application form and submits it to the City Clerk.

City Clerk
Receives applications (minimum three week period) and forwards copies to the board staff.

Board Staff
Reviews the applications with board members or a review committee, the Mayor and Council President, as appropriate; writes recommendation for committee action (or may recommend extension of the applications period); and sends the recommendation to the Council Committee Coordinator, 304 City Hall.
Notifies all applicants of the upcoming committee meeting.

Appears at the committee meeting to be interviewed by Council Members.

Approves recommendations in committee and in full council.

Signs Council action. Appointments are effective on publication in Finance and Commerce.

City Clerk
Publishes the official Council action in Finance and Commerce.
Notifies all applicants.
Administers the oath of office to all new and reappointed members.

For information, call the City Clerks office, 673-2216 or email the City Clerks Office at

Last updated Aug 11, 2014