Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Panel

Purpose The Minneapolis Police Conduct Review Panel assures that police services are delivered in a lawful and nondiscriminatory manner. 


The Panel provides the public with meaningful participatory oversight of the police and their interactions with the citizenry and makes recommendations to the Chief of Police regarding the merits of complaints against Minneapolis Police Officers.

Department Civil Rights, Office of Police Conduct Review
Phone Number (612)-673-2426
Number of Panelists A pool of seven (7)
Appointment Process 4 panelists shall be appointed by the City Council, with 3 panelists appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by a majority of the City Council. The members are appointed using the City's Open Appointment Process
Term of Appointment Four (4) years
Compensation Each panelist shall be paid $50.00 for each day when the member attends one (1) or more meetings or panel reviews
Residency Requirement Each member shall be a resident of the City of Minneapolis

Last updated May 19, 2014