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The Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan identifies bicycle projects that will be implemented in Minneapolis. Public Works manages on-street and off-street bicycle projects that fall under the jurisdiction of the City of Minneapolis. Some projects are standalone projects identified in the 5-Year Capital Improvement Program. Opportunity projects are implemented annually in cooperation with the street maintenance program.

Public Works routinely partners with other local agencies such as the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, Hennepin County, the Metropolitan Council, and MnDOT to implement projects.

Bikeway Street Maintenance Coordination

Public Works coordinates the implementation of the Minneapolis Bicycle Master Plan with routine annual street maintenance activities.

The proposed 2017 program only includes bikeway projects that overlap with planned 2017 resurfacing and sealcoat projects. It does not include bikeway projects implemented with reconstruction projects, standalone bikeway projects, or opportunities in future program years.

Proposed 2017 Program (pdf)

Last updated Dec 23, 2016