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Appealing Your Property Assessment

What options does the property owner have if they disagree with the estimate of value as placed on the property by the Assessor's Office?

If you disagree with the estimated value for your home, you have several options available to you to appeal your assessment.

Other options for appeal include:

[Note: You must appeal at the City Board of Equalization before appealing to the County Board of Equalization. You may appeal to Minnesota Tax Court at any time whether you have appeared at the City and County Boards or not.

To learn more about these options, see Assessment Appeals Process.

Changes in the prior year’s market value upon which the Truth in Taxation estimate is based can only be made by one of following two methods:

1. Abatement. The property value or classification abatement can be granted for a maximum of three payable years, the current year’s taxes and the two prior years. Abatements are granted only for:

Any person seeking abatement must first make the request in writing to the Minneapolis City Assessor.

2 . Tax Court appeals. Taxpayers may appeal the value on which the truth in taxation statement is based to the Minnesota State Tax Court. Appeals may be made until April 30 of the year when the taxes are payable. Contact the Tax Court Clerk at (651) 539-3260. They will mail a packet of information about Tax Court and the forms needed for filing. There is a fee for filing. An attorney is not required but you should evaluate your situation and decide if you want to retain one. Minnesota Tax Court

Last updated Nov 29, 2016