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Blueprint for Equity


The Blueprint for Equity is a multi-year strategic plan with the goal of creating an equitable community engagement system.

The NCR department, the NCEC and the neighborhood organizations’ area of influence and control is around the City’s engagement system and practices. If our engagement efforts are equitable in their approach and implementation, community issues will be truly represented and discussed, and decision makers will reflect the communities of which they serve. Therefore, our work on should really be focused in the following areas of the City’s engagement work:

  1. Neighborhood organizations’ outreach, inclusion and decision making process: We aim to help neighborhood organizations assess whether or not their outreach efforts, board decision making processes and distribution of resources is being conducted with a lens of equity and inclusion. The City intends to include the 70 neighborhood organizations as partners in addressing racial disparities in our community. With access to local political and social resources neighborhoods are able to utilize millions of dollars annually and become central places of empowerment for marginalized local.
  2. Composition and operating environment of the City’s board and commissions, and
  3. City enterprise outreach and engagement.


The NCEC has established a Blueprint for Equity Steering Committee which consists of Commissioners and NCR staff. The Steering Committee will guide the Blueprint for Equity process. The Steering Committee will follow the City’s adopted Core Principles of Community Engagement to guide the process. The intention is to facilitate community dialogue on equity to better inform the NCEC and the City on the tools, strategies and outcomes we seek. The Steering Committee is also dedicated to incorporating the Blueprint for Equity work into existing engagement systems and activities and not to produce another layer of engagement work.

The initial work will be to hold targeted focus groups with both neighborhoods and culturally-based organizations to develop the strategies and tools that neighborhoods are looking for to guide their work. The focus groups should be small in size in order to facilitate deliberate discussions.
The Steering Committee will also use existing engagement work to gather information and input (ie. joint NCEC/HECE community meetings, One Minneapolis Fund partners, Community Connections Conferences, etc.) to inform our process and to gather input.

Last updated Apr. 15, 2014