North Minneapolis Greenway: Proposed Route and Designs

The proposed greenway would be a north-south route starting at the Shingle Creek Trail (north) and ending south of Plymouth Avenue. Based on resident input, the City is exploring the greenway route at the southern end, including connections to the Cedar Lake and Bassett Creek Trails. The proposed route would primarily follow Humboldt and Irving Avenues North and connect Crystal Lake Cemetery, three schools, and four parks. A map of the proposed route and designs is available at the project website (see below). The greenway route could change based on community input.

Download the North Minneapolis Greenway Proposed Route Map (PDF). You can also view a Word document describing the route here.

The images below show what a full linear park greenway, a half-and-half greenway, and a bike boulevard might look like. The City is proposing to make most of the greenway a full linear park greenway or a half-and-half greenway. For more information about the greenway designs and other greenways in Minneapolis, download Possible Greenway Types and Examples of Greenways in Minneapolis in PDF or Word format.

Possible Greenway Designs 

Last updated Mar 19, 2014