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Minneapolis Greenprint

A Road Map for Environmental Sustainability

The Minneapolis Greenprint is a map, compass and guide for sustainable development and ecologically-friendly practices. As a subset of the Minneapolis Sustainability Indicators, which also incorporates considerations of health and vitality, the Greenprint provides a pragmatic framework for protecting and enhancing our environment based around key environmental indicators. For detailed information on each of these environmental indicators, please see the blue column on the left toolbar of this page.

New Online Format

As of 2012, the Minneapolis Greenprint will be presented primarily via the Sustainability Indicators website. This new online format allows for staff to keep data up to date; provides more space for a deeper analysis of each indicator and target; saves City and natural resources; and provides a more interactive experience. The 2012 Greenprint is now live on our website. If you have feedback or suggestions regarding the new format, please email us.

Greenprint Annual Reports

An annual Greenprint Report is presented to the City Council by Earth Day of each year. The report is developed by city staff from many departments and is reviewed by the Citizen's Environmental Advisory Committee and the Environmental Coordinating Team. The report focuses on the previous year’s activities and progress. Decision-makers and citizens look to this information to measure our performance as well as to determine how we will move forward.

2011 Minneapolis Greenprint Report (pdf)

2010 Minneapolis Greenprint Report (pdf)

2009 Minneapolis Greenprint Report (pdf)

2008 Minneapolis Greenprint Report (pdf)

2007 Minneapolis Greenprint Report (pdf)

Last updated Jan 4, 2013