Minneapolis Sustainability

350 S. 5th Street, Room 315M
Minneapolis, MN 55415

City of Minneapolis: A Government Leading by Example

Woman bikingThe City of Minneapolis is at the forefront of sustainable communities. Minneapolis prides itself on enacting environmentally progressive policies and building high-performing facilities. Minneapolis government also strives to provide examples of more sustainable practices for other municipalities that are striving towards the same goal.

Through policies that require LEED building Silver Level requirements, the use of green cleaning products and putting a preference on environmentally friendly purchasing, the City is actively working for change.  Minneapolis has also made it a priority to show the public areas in which it is making progress and areas that need more attention.  The Minneapolis Sustainability Indicators are updated annually to measure progress in twenty-six topics areas related to sustainability. The indicators show progress, both positive and negative, and include a target for future performance.

Examples of Minneapolis' sustainable approach can be found in Case Studies and Policies

Last updated Nov 29, 2011