Fire Station No. 6 Solar Installation

121 E 15 th St

30 165-watt
photovoltaic cells

5.0 kW

Cost: $40,000 ($9,900 back in state rebates)

Online: November 2005


Fire Station No. 6 was built in 1981 to serve the downtown area. Originally designed to house 32 firefighters in large dormitory style rooms with two captains and a chief in private rooms, the 22,393 square foot building was recently remodeled and another 8,700 square feet were added. The new design provides accommodations for 45 firefighters in 12 rooms, better accommodating the men and women who now serve at the station, and private rooms for four captains and a chief. In addition to accommodating a larger fire crew, the remodeled building is much more energy efficient, adds natural day lighting and treats stormwater more naturally.

The solar panel system consists of a seasonably adjustable, static solar array made up of 30 165-watt photovoltaic cells that are designed to generate approximately 5.0 kW of electrical power. The system faces due south, with an unobstructed view of the southerly sky, and has the ability to be adjusted for seasonal changes in the sun. This system was furnished and installed for a cost of $40,000. It was completed in November, 2005.

In addition to solar panels, other environmentally friendly practices include replacing the building’s heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system with computer controlled, high efficiency gas boilers, hot water heaters and air conditioner units. Natural day lighting and energy efficient lighting were utilized to reduce electrical use. Whenever possible, materials were reused including the use of salvage carpet tiles from the Minneapolis Convention Center. Rain water was diverted to landscaped areas to reduce stormwater runoff.

Solar panels on Fire Station No. 6 located in downtown convert the Sun’s rays into 5kW of electricity.

Last updated May 10, 2016