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Acceptable Yard Waste

Minnesota State law, 115A.931(a), prohibits disposing of yard waste with garbage.  The City of Minneapolis South Transfer Station does not accept yard waste. 

Customers of Minneapolis Solid Waste & Revcycling services may place yard waste next to their garbage cart.  Yard waste is collected on garbage day mid-April through November, weather permitting.  It is collected by a special truck, not your regular garbage truck.  Solid Waste & Recycling "Current News" will tell you when yard waste season begins and ends each year.

Acceptable Yard Waste Includes:

Yard waste needs to be prepared according to the Yard Waste Preparation Guidelines in order for it to be picked up.

Unacceptable Yard Waste:

* Sawdust from untreated wood is a great carbon source for backyard compost piles.

How to Get Rid of Unacceptable Yard Waste:

Search the yellow pages for a local landscaping or tree removal company if your yard waste does not meet Solid Waste & Recycling Preparation Guidelines.  If you would like to take your yard waste to a commercial facility and pay a fee for its disposal, call Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917 for locations that accept yard waste.

"What To Do List" includes the following yard waste related items:

Acorns; bark, tree; branches; brush, prunings; garden plants; grass clippings; hay; leaves, grass clippings; yard trimmings; logs, stumps; pine cones; pine needles; prunings, brush; sod; straw; tree waste; twigs; woodchips; and yard waste.

If you have questions regarding the acceptability of yard waste items not listed on this webpage, contact Soild Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917.

Last updated Jul 11, 2013