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Residential Recycling - Paper

Paper Recycling

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RECYCLE: Residential Recycling - Boxboard


If you cannot reuse or donate the following items, bag and place them in the garbage.  The items with a star (*) are paper items that are not suitable for recycling, but may be placed in a backyard compost bin. 

Solid Waste & Recycling's What To Do List includes the following paper related items:

Bags paper and plastic; boxes; carbon paper; cardboard; cards: greeting or holiday; brochures; brown envelopes; calendar; catalogs; comic books; construction paper; copier paper; corrugated cardboard; dry boxboard; egg cartons; envelopes; fast food containers; file folders; frozen food boxes; gift boxes; gift wrap; glossy coated paper; greeting carts; holiday cards; junk mail; letters; magazines/catalogs; mail; newspaper; notebook paper; office paper; paper; paper bags; paper-shredded; phone books; pizza boxes; pop boxes; popcorn boxes; post-it notes; shredded paper; soda boxes; telephone books;TyvekTM envelopes; and wrapping paper.  

         do not put in one-sort cart  

If you have questions regarding the recyclability of items not listed on the What To Do List, call Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917. 

Last updated Oct 20, 2016