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Food, Beverage & Other Container Recycling

All aluminum, tin, steel, cartons, glass, and plastic food, beverage, and other containers should be rinsed and placed in the one-sort recycling cart.  Labels and lids may be left on containers.  See below for additional information on each material type.   

Residential Recycling - Cans

Aluminum, Tin & Steel:
One-Sort Cart - SM

RECYCLE: Cans, bottles, foil (with no food residue), pie tins (with no food residue), lids to containers that are 3 inches in diameter or larger, etc.  Lids to glass jars under 3 inches in diameter will not make it to  a magnet to be properly sorted.  Lids smaller than 3 inches in diameter have a better chance of making it to the magnet if they are left on the glass container.

Do Not SymbolDO NOT RECYCLE: Products that once contained hazardous materials such as paints, paint thinner, 
             automotive fluids, or aerosol cans. Bottle caps are too small to make it to a magnet and will end up as
             a residual and should be placed in the garbage.  Food-soiled aluminum trays, foil, and tins and the foil seal on yogurt containers should also 
             be placed in the garbage.   

Residential Recycling - Cartons

One-Sort Cart - SM

RECYCLE: Milk cartons, juice boxes, soup, broth and wine cartons, etc.  Rinse and leave lids on the containers.  Please remove plastic bags from inside wine cartons and place the plastic bag in the garbage. 

Do Not SymbolDO NOT RECYCLE: Foil juice pouches, plastic lined coffee cups, paper ice cream tubs, and paper or expanded polystyrene foam (StyrofoamTM) egg cartons. 

Residential Recycling - Glass
One-Sort Cart - SM

RECYCLE: Pasta sauce, pickle, salsa, and mason jars; beer, wine, salad dressing, vegeteable and/or olive oil bottles, etc.  Metal lids to glass jars under 3 inches in diameter will not make it to a magnet to be properly sorted. Metal lids smaller than 3 inches in diameter have a better chance of making it to the magnet if they are left on the glass container.

 Do Not SymbolDO NOT RECYCLE: Glass that does not contain a product when purchased that may
              contain strengthening additives or chemicals.  If you cannot donate these items, place them in the garbage.  
                 Examples include:

Plastics:Residential Recycling - Plastic

One-Sort Cart - SMRECYCLE: All food, beverage and other plastics labeled #1 - #7 (except StyrofoamTM and compostable plastics).  Rinse and leave screw-on lids on the containers.  Snap-on lids (sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.) must be labeled #1 - #7 to be placed in the recycling cart.  Pumps from hand soaps and other products should be placed in the garbage.  Recyclable items include: water or soda bottles; milk jugs; butter, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese tubs; ice cream pails; empty pill bottles (remove patient's information before placing in cart); salad dressing, condiment, shampoo, body wash, lotion, laundry detergent, vegetable or olive oil bottles;  clear packaging from toys, electronics and tools (pull paper out for recycling); clamshell fruit, vegetable, deli and take-out containers; disposable cups; plastic microwaveable food trays; kitty litter pails; and small garden pots (up to 8 inches in diameter); etc.

Do Not SymbolDO NOT RECYCLE: Plastic bags, styrofoamTM or other expanded polystyrene foam (labeled #6 - PS), plastics that are not labeled #1 - #7, compostable plastics, and plastic containers that once held hazardous material such as: motor oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, etc. 

Cardboard Cans:

One-Sort Cart - SMRECYCLE: Cardboard cans typically have a steel bottom, a cardboard wall, and either a plastic or metal lid.  Please empty contents and rinse container out prior to placing it in your one-sort cart.  These cans are now recyclable in Minneapolis' One-Sort Recycling program. 

Examples of cardboard cans include:Cardboard Can - body

 Do Not SymbolDO NOT RECYCLE: Automotive grease or wax containers.

Solid Waste & Recycling's What To Do List contains information on the following food, beverage and other containers:

Aluminum foil, pie tins, trays; aluminum cans; beverage cans; beverage glass; bottles; butter tubs; cans; cups; cartons; drink boxes; glass: food and beverage bottles; garden pots, plastic trays; ice cream buckets; medication bottles (empty); milk cartons; peanut butter tubs; pie tins; pill bottles; plastic garden pots, trays; plastic tubs, trays; pop cans; prescription bottles - empty; soda cans; steel cans; and yogurt tubs.

           do not put in one-sort cart


If you have questions regarding the recyclability of items not listed on the What To Do List, call Solid Waste & Recycling at (612) 673-2917.

Last updated May 10, 2016