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Minneapolis-Hennepin Recycling and Drop-off Center

The City of Minneapolis and Hennepin County are proposing to develop the property at 340 27th Ave. NE in Minneapolis to establish the Minneapolis-Hennepin Recycling and Drop-off Center. The center would provide a convenient location for Minneapolis residents to properly dispose of household hazardous waste and recyclable materials.
Providing for the safe and proper disposal of household hazardous waste will protect our air, land, water and health.
What types of materials will be accepted and how will they be handled?
Residents will be able to drop off items that they use to take care of their homes, lawns and cars, as well as appliances, batteries, electronics and other common household items. Many of these items do not belong in the trash.
The center will be fully enclosed and secure. All drop-off, handling, sorting, packaging and temporary storage will be done inside. The center will have a Free Product Area where residents can pick up reusable paint, automotive products, cleaners and other products.
Only residents will be able to drop off household hazardous wastes at the center. We will not take hazardous wastes from businesses or any garbage.
Will the center have an impact on traffic?
In 2010, an independent traffic study concluded that the proposed project would result in traffic and safety levels that are equivalent to or better than the existing conditions.
How was the site selected?
The city conducted extensive searches for suitable properties for this facility. Sites were evaluated based on zoning, size, shape, access, and other criteria. See the Prospective Site Analysis for more information.
Why is a drop-off center needed in Minneapolis?
Compared to other areas of Hennepin County, Minneapolis has a low participation rate in the county’s existing household hazardous waste disposal programs. The current options to participate include using two drop-off facilities located outside of the city and seasonal collection events held within the city. Minneapolis has 33 percent of the county’s population but represents just 12 percent of participation at the drop-off facilities.
Minneapolis residents are not using the drop-off facilities and events because they are inconvenient. Participation data from the county’s program shows that having a center nearby would significantly increase participation.
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See the following documents for more information about the proposed drop-off center:
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Last updated Jul 16, 2012