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Billing: Fees & Charges

City Ordinance requires you to have City of Minneapolis Garbage & Recycling services. To avoid additional cost, please follow all procedures for disposal of your household waste.

Minneapolis Utility Billing provides billing services for properties in Minneapolis for water, sewer, stormwater and solid waste & recycling. Each charge is listed on your monthly bill. PLEASE review your invoice to make sure you are being billed correctly.

Solid Waste & Recycling:   Fees - Charges - Credits

Solid Waste Base Fee Effective 1/1/2017

$23.47 per month per dwelling unit for collection of garbage, recycling, organics recycling, large items, yard waste, and the voucher program.

Large 96-Gallon Cart Disposal (garbage)

$5.00 per month per large cart.  Cart dimensions: Older garbage cart: 24" wide x 34" deep x 41" tall.  Newer garbage cart: 26" wide x 35" deep x 46" tall.

Small 32-Gallon Cart Disposal (garbage)

$2.00 per month per small cart.  A small garbage cart holds approximately two full 13-gallon bags. Cart dimensions: 20" wide x 24" deep x 40" tall.

One-Sort Recycling Cart

No additional charge for this cart.  If you consistently have extra recycling and would like an additional recycling cart, you may request one to be delivered at no additional charge.  Cart dimensions: Large (95-gallon): 26" wide x 35" deep x 46" tall.  Medium (64-gallon): 23" wide x 29" deep x 43" tall.

Green/Blue Recycling Bin

You were encouraged to keep your old blue or green recycling bin(s) for another purpose following the one-sort recycling roll-out.  If you place extra recycling out in one of these bins, the bin will be taken and recycled and you will not be able to get it back.

Organics Recycling Cart

No additional charge for this cart.  If you have more organics than will fit in your cart, a larger or additional organics cart will be provided at no additional charge.  Cart dimensions: Small (32-gallon): 20" wide x 24" deep x 40" tall.

Minnesota Solid Waste Management Tax

The State requires Minneapolis to collect a tax on mixed municipal solid waste services. The solid waste base fee has a taxable and a non-taxable component. The taxable component is for mixed municipal solid waste services. The non-taxable component of the solid waste base fee is the portion that pays for recycling, yard trimmings and other materials separated from the waste stream. The entire garbage cart disposal fee is taxable.

  • Residential 9.75%
  • Commercial 17%

Example of how your tax is calculated (One residential dwelling unit with a single large garbage cart per month):  



Taxable Portion

Tax Rate

Total Tax

Base Fee





Cart Fee





Total Tax





Hennepin County Fee

Minneapolis is required to collect a fee for Hennepin County for research, program development, and other environmental services. For further information, call Hennepin County at (612) 348-3000.

Other Fees & Charges

Carts left at the Curb

If you do not remove your garbage or recycling cart(s) from the curb by 7 a.m. the day following your collection, city crews will move your carts and a $12.00 per cart charge will be added to your utility bill per City Ordinance 225.680.

Dirty Clean Ups

If you do not keep your garbage & recycling collection area clean, we will clean it up and charge your utility bill.  The 1st clean up within 1 year costs $181/hour or $75 minimum whichever is greater, the 2nd cleanup within one year has a $100 minimum charge, the 3rd cleanup within one year has a $150 minimum charge, and the 4th and each additional cleanup within one year has a $200 minimum charge.

Excessive Mattresses

If City crew determine that your property is recycling an excessive number of mattresses or box springs, a per piece fee may be assessed.

House Numbers

If you do not post the house numbers on the property, this office will post them and an $18.00 charge will be added to your utility bill per City Ordinance 225.620.

Removing Extra Garbage or Recycling Cart from your Property

If Solid Waste & Recycling determines that you need an additional garbage or recycling cart and deliver you an additional cart, a $15 charge will be added to your utility bill to have the extra cart removed prior to the six (6) month waiting period.  See below for payment information.

Returning Recycling Cart to your Property

If your recycling cart is removed for failure to recycle properly, a $15 charge will be added to your utility bill to have it returned prior to the three (3) month waiting period.  See below for payment information.

Switching Garbage Cart Size

There may be a $15 charge may be added to your utility bill if you decide to switch your garbage cart size within the six (6) months of having a different size garbage cart.  See below for payment information

Snow Shoveling

If you do not shovel out your cart(s), a city crew will and a $30.00 per cart charge will be added to your utility bill per City Ordinance 225.680.

Voucher Combining

An additional $15 charge for administrative processing is added to your utility bill when you choose to combine vouchers. This charge can NOT be paid and the South Transfer Station, it must be placed on the utility bill. 

Voucher Over Weight

If you exceed the allowed weight/count at the South Transfer Station, and choose to have your account billed, this office will charge a $10.00 additional processing fee to your utility bill. 

Payment Information

Charges for changing garbage cart sizes, returning recycling carts or removing extra garbage or recycling carts may be made in the following two ways:

  1. Send a check to Solid Waste & Recycling for the amount of the fee with a letter stating the service address and a description of the service requested.
  2. Fill out the Utility Bill Authorization Form for Solid Waste & Recycling Services to have the fee added to your utility bill.  Mail, fax or email the form to Solid Waste & Recycling.

Services included in Base Fee 

How do I dispute a charge?

Please call our office first so we can answer any questions that you have relating to charges on your bill.  You still have the right to file a dispute if you do not agree with our reason(s). We can email, fax or send you our dispute form or you may place your dispute in writing and mail, fax or email it to our office.

Only the person listed as the utility bill payer can dispute a charge on the account.  The written dispute letter must include: your complete name, service address, telephone number, account number, dollar amount, and the reason for your dispute.  Note: If the dispute is for a rental property, please be sure to include both the rental property service address and your contact address. 

Solid Waste & Recycling
Attn: Dispute Division 
309 2nd Avenue South, Room 210
Minneapolis, MN 55401-2281

Fax: 612-673-2250 



Last updated Oct 31, 2017



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