Education is regarded as a cornerstone of every community. Minneapolis Public Schools and its community, business and philanthropic partners strive to offer the very best education to every student in the district. The following four measures are key milestones and predictors in monitoring student success.

Third Grade Reading Scores
Third grade is an important milestone in a child's academic life: after third grade, students should be past the point of learning to read and instead reading to learn. Third-grade reading results are from the Minnesota Department of Education official Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAII).

Kindergarten Readiness
Kindergarten readiness is key, not only for Minneapolis Public Schools but as a measure of how we are doing as a community. The Minneapolis Beginning of Kindergarten Assessment (BKA) is a standardized assessment of reading and numerical skills administered in the fall of each year by a group of retired teachers.

High School Graduation Rates
Graduating from high school is critical to attaining the advanced education young people need to compete in our global economy and avoiding counterproductive paths (e.g., 71 percent of the U.S. prison population did not graduate from high school).

School Attendance
Regular school attendance is one of the best predictors of academic success; poor attendance correlates with poor test scores, grades and school completion. Students who attend school 95 percent of the time or more are twice as likely to pass standardized tests.

Last updated Sep 29, 2011

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