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Housing & Property

Home Buyers

Buy Smart. Buy Near Transit.
Learn how buying a home near transit makes economic sense

Century Homes Program
Helping build new single-family homes on city owned vacant lots

City Living Program
Home loans for Minneapolis residents

Green Homes North
A program to provide home buyers with newly constructed green homes on City-owned vacant lots in North Minneapolis.

Home Ownership Works (HOW) Program
Helping first-time homebuyers move into a recently remodeled homes

Northside Home Fund
Improving the quality of the housing in North Minneapolis

Seeking home ownership?
Homes available for purchase for all household income levels

Truth in Sale of Housing
Program to provide accurate information on the condition of a house for sale

Vacant lots for sale in Minneapolis

Home and Property Owners

City Assessor's Office
Assesses the value of your property to determine the tax base

City Redevelopment and Your Property

Contest the Assessed Value of Your Property

Foreclosure Prevention Information
What you need to know about home mortgage foreclosures.

Homestead Information

Housing Code Inspections
Guides and fact sheets

Keeping up the Appearance of Your Property (PDF)

Property Line Information (Lot Lines)

Rental Property/Landlords

Sidewalk Inspections
Learn about sidewalk inspections, condemnation, and maintenance, or report structural issues.

Special Assessments
Fees collected for improvements or services the City provides which benefit your property.

Home Improvement

Building Permits

Call Before You Dig

City Living Program
Home improvement loans for Minneapolis residents

Do-it-yourself Guidelines

Energy Efficiency Home Visits

Exterior Home Improvement Projects

Fence Requirements (PDF)

Finding a Licensed Contractor

Home Improvement Permits Online

Inspections Process
Inspections are required for any work that requires a permit.

Interior Remodeling and Alterations

Lead & Healthy Homes Program

Minneapolis Development Review
Providing easy ways to work with the City when developing properties or businesses

Historic Preservation

Heritage Preservation Commission

Tax Abatement for Historic Properties


Report a Problem with Your Apartment

Filing a Discrimination Complaint
Department of Civil Rights

Minneapolis Public Housing

Rental Licenses
Minneapolis requires every rental dwelling to have a rental license.

Section 8 Housing
Financial assistance for rental housing to low income families.

Vacant and Boarded Buildings

Boarded Buildings

Condemned Buildings

Code Compliance for Condemned Buildings

Vacant Building Registration

Vacant lots for sale in Minneapolis

Last updated Feb. 10, 2014