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Traffic Alerts

New! Traffic Engineering has created two maps to help inform the public of current and proposed construction impacts to city travel. See them by clicking the following links:

  1. Current Projects and Events Map
  2. Proposed Downtown Projects Map

Both of these maps are updated weekly to the best of our knowledge, and we are not responsible for errors or omissions. Created by the City of Minneapolis Traffic & Parking Services Division.

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View our Downtown Lane Closure Map for complete information on where lane restrictions or street closures are in the downtown area.

Dealing with Downtown Traffic

Downtown is an urban setting that provides transportation opportunities to meet everyone’s desired experience, whether you want to drive, ride a bus, take a train, or bike or walk.

When visiting Downtown, Target Field, or Target Center, there are four tips people should remember to minimize delays and maximize their enjoyment of all the activities happening Downtown.

1. Plan ahead Visit or to learn more about all your transportation choices.

2. Know your parking options – There is parking availability throughout Downtown, most within 12 blocks of Target Field and Target Center. If you prefer convenient access to Target Field and Target Center, the adjacent A,B,C, and Hawthorne ramps have plenty of capacity.

3. Consider transit – Target Field and Target Center are extremely transit- and bicycle-friendly facilities, and it’s easy to get there by light rail, commuter train, bus, or bicycle. Bicyclists are reminded to use headlights and taillights after dark.

4. Come early/Stay late – Take part in activities, shopping, dining, and other entertainment before and after games and concerts. Enjoy the extra time to experience all Downtown has to offer, and avoid transportation delays. The Warehouse District looks forward to welcoming fans before and after Target Field and Target Center events.

Transit and Driving Alternatives

Commuters into downtown, the University of Minnesota, and throughout the city are encouraged to take advantage of mass transit, car pooling, and bike routes to minimize traffic backups. 

For more information, visit:

Last updated Apr 6, 2015