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Storm and Surface Water Management

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Rain Draining In Gutter

Fall is here! Fall street sweeping starts October 18th.

Help keep leaves out of the street by doing your part and bagging your leaves. Moving your car will help City crews sweep curb-to-curb. Both of these things will contribute to cleaner streets and neighborhoods, as well as improved water quality in our lakes, streams and rivers.

When leaves fall in the street, they decompose and enter City storm drains, going directly into lakes and rivers. This becomes unwanted algae growth next summer! This algae dies and decomposes at the bottom of the lake, using up needed oxygen that fish and plants need. Help prevent this by raking and collecting fallen leaves from your curb, storm drain, sidewalk and alleyways. Place these leaves in your compost pile, use as mulch for your garden, or drop them off at a compost site.

City Ordinance prohibits leaves, grass clippings, and other organic debris being placed or left in the street or alley.  When residents rake into the street, it creates problems such as:

  1. The decomposed leaves release nutrients that negatively impact water quality
  2. They create a fire hazard when cars park in them
  3. There is an increased danger to small children who play in the leaf piles
  4. They become slippery when wet, possibly causing accidents
  5. They blow into neighbor’s yard
  6. If raked out after street sweeping is complete, City forces may not be able to return, and the leaves remain there all winter
  7. They can plug storm drains if it rains

Because City crews cannot collect all the leaves that fall, please help us by collecting leaves that fall after sweepers come through. Place these leaves with your yard waste. Leaves from yards and boulevards should be prepared for collection according to Minneapolis yard waste guidelines.

Have you checked out the City's new Adopt-A-Drain Program? Learn more here.  

Stormwater Videos and Information

If you are not sure how a watershed "works", check out this video that explores the benefit between people and nature. Produced by The Nature Conservatory.

Ever wondered what you can do to help keep Minneapolis streets and waterways clean? From the City of Minneapolis "Did you know..." series, see a video about how and why the City of Minneapolis sweeps streets.  

Learn how to prevent stormwater pollution by keeping salt out of the lakes, rivers and streams of Minneapolis.  
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Fowl Water 

Looking for more information on Chapter 54 in Minneapolis?

What is Chapter 54? This ordinance establishes requirements for land-disturbing activites, and for existing stormwater devices.

You can find more information about Chapter 54 here.

Want to learn how to keep your lawn healthy and attractive in a sustainable way? 

Check out these 'Improved Lawn Maintenance' videos from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization :

Storm and Surface Water

What are stormwater and surface waters and how are they related?
Stormwater is rainwater. Surface water is lakes, rivers, ponds and other water collection areas. Stormwater eventually empties into our surface waters, so it is very important that everyone does their part to keep the stormwater as clean as possible.

Why is managing storm and surface waters so important?
Managing stormwater and surface water protects and improves the quality of our lakes, streams & rivers as well as helping to control flooding.

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