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Storm and Surface Water Management

Want to learn how to keep your lawn healthy and attractive in a sustainable way? 

Check out these videos from the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization:

Is your home or business in danger of flooding?

If you feel your home or business is susceptible to flooding due to recent heavy rains, you can find out the proper way to build and stack sand bags in this video from North Dakota State University.

What is the purpose of this site?

Storm and Surface Water

What are storm and surface waters and how are they related?
Stormwater is rainwater. Surface water is lakes, rivers, ponds and other water collection areas. Stormwater eventually empties into surface waters, so it is very important that everyone does their part to keep the stormwater as clean as possible.

Why is managing storm and surface waters so important?
Managing stormwater and surface water protects and improves the quality of our lakes, streams & rivers and helps to control flooding.

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Stormwater News ...

Ever wondered what you can do to help keep Minneapolis streets and waterways clean? From the City of Minneapolis "Did you know..." series, see a video about how and why the City of Minneapolis sweeps streets.  

When is snows, make sure to clear your sidewalks of snow and ice to keep them safe. In another great video from the City of Minneapolis "Did you know..." series, learn in this video why you should use salt sparingly.

Check out this De-icing Salt and Water Quality video from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency about why it is important to stick toa low-salt diet.

The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization produced this YouTube video that will help you use the best tool to keep driveways and sidewalks safe in the wintertime. Includes information about what deicers to use and when to use them.

Learn how to prevent stormwater pollution by keeping salt out of the lakes, rivers and streams of Minneapolis.  
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See Metro WaterShed Partners Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos: 
Fowl Water 

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