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Floodproofing Your Home

If your home has plumbing fixtures or floor drains that are below street level, your basement can flood.

Water can enter your house in a number of ways:

1) Flooding or rainstorms

2) Sewer backup

3) Groundwater seepage or spring melting

Sometimes there may be no visible water in your basement, but it still might be damp. This page gives tips for preventing moisture from forming, as well as preventing water from entering your basement. For information on protection from major floods, see Flood Safety.

Flood Proofing Maintenance

These steps will help to prevent water from entering your basement and to keep moisture forming

Preventive and Corrective Measures

Start with simpler and less expensive measures


For more information about protection from flooding, see these sites:

Disclaimer: The items listed on this page are merely summaries of the possible measures that can be used for floodproofing your home. For more information and specific how-to steps, consult with experts and check the websites listed.

Last updated Jan 25, 2017