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Flood Control

The City of Minneapolis designs flood control projects to minimize the impact on the water quality of the receiving surface water, as well as providing localized flooding relief. Since 1997, the City Of Minneapolis has completed 21 Flood Mitigation projects, and currently have a total of 11 additional projects that are slated for future construction.

Flood Mitigation Program

The 1997 torrential rainstorms in Minneapolis caused flooding in areas that had not flooded in many years. These large rainstorms did not allow City storm and sewer systems to keep up. Water backed up onto streets, into basements, lakes, rivers and creeks.

In response, the Minneapolis Flood Mitigation Program was created to lessen the effects of severe storms in the identified areas, and established the following actions:

These measures also have the added benefit of reducing Combined Sewer Overflows - for more information see the Combined Sewer Overflows.

Last updated Jan 24, 2017