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Minneapolis, MN  55415-1390

Availability of Salvaged Paving Bricks/Stones

Paving bricks and stones were commonly used to pave streets during the late 1800s and early 1900s. When streets are reconstructed, pavers may be removed or unearthed and recovered in varying conditions. Because the public has shown an interest in making use of old paving bricks and stones, Public Works makes some of them available for purchase.

Salvaged granite brick pavers are available on a first come/first served basis to the general public, as well as to City NRP neighborhood organizations, departments and agencies. Quantities, types and conditions of the materials may vary as supplies become available and last.


Type of Brick/Stone

Size - Each

Weight - Each

Cost - Each

Small grey granite

6" x 4.5"

13 lbs.


Large grey granite

10" x 7"

30 lbs.


Large rose granite (limited quantity)

10" x 7"

19 lbs.


Photograph of grey granite brick

Photograph of rose granite brick

How To Purchase

Click on the links to Form 1 (Rules) (pdf) and Form 2 (Release of Liability) (pdf). Print out, fill in and mail Form 1 and Form 2, along with a copy of your Driver’s License, to:

City of Minneapolis Department of Public Works
1901 E. 26 th Street
Minneapolis MN 55404

City Staff will then contact you by phone to set up an appointment for you to select, load, pay for, and take your paving bricks. A map will be mailed to you when your appointment is set up.

See Form 1 (Rules) (pdf) for additional instructions.

Last updated Jun 17, 2015