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Paying Special Assessments for Fines or Services

How are special assessments paid?

Special assessments appear as a line item on your Hennepin County Property Tax Statement. If not prepaid, the special assessments are collected along with property taxes.

Learn more about special assessments for services and fines.

Is it a one-time payment?

A special assessment can be a single payment or, in special cases, spread out over a number of years. Interest is charged on special assessments after they are assessed by Hennepin County.

Can I prepay a special assessment?

Pending special assessments can be prepaid to the City of Minneapolis up to November 30th each year. To learn the pay off amount before November 30th, call (612) 673-2233.

For multi-year assessments, pre-payments for the years beyond the upcoming tax year may be accepted. Call 311 to determine if allowable.

Payment must include the property address and/or the Request For Service (RFS) number.

Make check payable to:

Minneapolis Finance Department

Send to:

Housing Inspection Services
250 South 4th Street, Room 300
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Do I need to pay off special assessments before selling my house?

A person selling a property may prepay outstanding special assessments. This is usually negotiated between the buyer and seller, and often required by the buyer’s loan agreement. However, payment is not required at the time of sale. Special assessments left unpaid will continue to be carried on the property taxes of the new owner for the remaining term of the assessment.

Can I get a deferment if I’m unable to pay a special assessment?

According to City Council Resolutions 80R-365 and 93R-134, the City may defer the payment of special assesssments for any homestead property owned by a person 65 years or older or retired due to a permanenant and total disability for whom it would be a hardship to make the payments.

A deferment does not reduce or do away with the amount owed. It postpones the payment. During the deferment, simple interest will accumulate on the total principal amount of the assessment at the annual average rate of interest earned by the City in previous fiscal years.

Last updated Oct 12, 2016