Inspector Lucy Gerold

I am the Inspector (precinct commander) of the 3rd precinct, a 28 year employee of the City of Minneapolis and a life long Minneapolis resident. I led 4 bureaus in the MPD as a Deputy Chief/Director from 1991 through 2006: Community Services Bureau, Internal Services Bureau, South Field Services Bureau (patrol and investigations), and the Criminal Investigations Bureau (CID). I created and led the implementation of Community Policing in the mid 1980s as the Director of Community Crime Prevention/SAFE.

I was the first leader and director of CODEFOR (COMPSTAT) for three years when crime was reduced by 37 percent. I served as the Inspector of the 5th Precinct and as the chair of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police Conference in Minneapolis in 2002. I began my career with the Police Department as a civilian community organizer and then as a Crime Prevention Specialist. A police officer for 10 years, I have earned a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Concordia University, and I am a graduate of the Senior Management Institute for Police at the Kennedy School/PERF.

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Last updated Sep 27, 2011